Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

[RACCOLTA] Other worlds

Title: Other worlds - an AU collection
Setting: Leoverse (all the AU and what if)
Rating: SAFE (mostly)
Wordcount: 100 x 10
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

“What are you doing?” Leo asks, entering Blaine's lab.
“I'm trying to understand why your blood is not affected by the plague.”
“It looks a lot like magic,” Leo comments while the blood solution turns black and blue and then vivid red again.
“It's called chemistry.”
“Can you teach me that?”
Blaine thinks about it. It would take time – and he has none – but what if the key to unlock the secret of Leo's blood laid in Leo himself and he only needed the tools to access it?
So he takes a piece of parchment and starts explaining.

Sam shows up unannounced at their house on Sunday morning to make sure they're not planning one of their heists on the side as they work for the FBI.
She's expecting crime, but she finds nothing like it.
The kids are playing Dance Dance Revolution in front of the TV, Annie is painting Matt's nails black and Adam is working out.
“Oh, Vanderbilt, right in time for breakfast!” Blaine welcomes her cheerfully, wearing an apron.
“I thought you were plotting, not making pancakes.”
“Maybe I'm doing both,” he smirks. “Sit down.”
And yet it doesn't look like, so she eats.

“What's this?” Leo asks. Sometimes he listens to the answer, sometimes he just likes to say those alien words out loud. Sometimes, like the cat he clearly is, he only pushes something off a shelf to see it fall.
“That's a lighter. Careful it—“
The flame lasts half a second, but it's enough to burn. Leo throws the evil thing across the room and then, crouching on the bed, he hisses threatening at it, his furry ears flat on his head and his tail vibrating.
“—is gonna burn you.” Blaine sighs and resignedly strokes Leo's head until he purrs again.

“Can't we ask the creature if he knows something?” Adam asks Blaine.
The creature is just a few feet away, lying on Blaine's bed and trying to make sense of the many letters on a book page. “Pan'al” he mutters to blondie.
“What did he say?”
“He isn't happy you didn't use his name. He might help if you're nice to him.”
Adam sighs. “Leo, can you tell me where the river is, please?”
Leo ignores him for a good two minutes, before turning slowly to him and say: “No.”
Blaine has to drag Adam out before he kills him.

“This is my spaceship,” Blaine says, leading him inside the aircraft they arrived in. It took time to convince Leo it wasn't something dangerous, just a bigger house than the barracks he had already seen. “What do you call it?”
Ftale non'r,” Leo says for the umpteenth time. “Stone bird.”
“You thought it was an animal?”
“It flies,” Leo answers as if that alone explained the name.
Blaine knows it's going to be hard to explain to him they come from another planet. But it's a problem for later because Leo is running ahead, pressing buttons he's not supposed to.

“This is why I didn't want you to bring those eggs home in the first place!” Blaine says, coming out of the tent. Leo has heard this a million times, so he's only half listening.
“Can I put them in the water?” He asks, the three dragon cubs crawling all over him.
“Only Medhi, he's a water-dragon. Eamon and Shoneah needs to be covered in mud first or their scales will soak too much. It's a lot of work, Leo! A lot!”
But despite that, Blaine lovingly starts rolling little lizards in mud, and when they chirp happily, he laughs.

“How is he?” The crew ask when he comes out. Leo doesn't know if they want to be reassured Blaine's fine or if they want a confirmation he's not. Until Leo says something, they can only wait – and wait is not a pirate thing.
“Like always,” Leo says. He locks the door and hides the key in his pocket, so they won't go in and do something that will force him to kill them all. Blaine went to fight for them and came back haunted and Leo will protect him until he'll learn to keep those ghosts at bay.

“The Mass has ended.”
Blaine stopped saying go in peace a long time ago, before Leo was even there. It's because people are not at peace at all and they want war – with God and the government and one another – and he doesn't want to give them the chance to say: “I've been at Mass, my conscience is clean.” He won't give them peace if they can't find it in themselves every day.
“Boys, it's time to go,” he calls Leo and Cody. They enter the transportation pod together.
In their arms, that's where he finds his peace.

It took Leo several months to understand how the Prince of Persia works. It's not a club, it's another world where people can watch but can't touch, and most of everything is done for show. Leo pulls at the leash, dragging Cody away from the dance floor. He feels the electricity in the air, the excitement of an entire room lusting over his sub. He forces his mouth open and kisses him slowly, deliberately so. A show of tongues for the patrons in the first row. But Cody moans, so he stops. It's not time for him to enjoy himself.

“We need to talk.” Levi enters the kitchen and locks the door.
Blaine very distinctly thinks He wants Leo to leave Cody alone. I'll either have a mental break down, a divorce or a murder on my hands . He prepares to solve the problem, though, because that's what he does. “I'm listening."
Levi sits down, the eyes of a man who hasn't been sleeping for days. “I have no idea what to buy your husband for his birthday,” he says eventually. “Your husband has everything.”
Considering Blaine is talking with his husband's boyfriend's boyfriend, there's nothing truer than that.
Tags: #9, drabble

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