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[RACCOLTA] Three of us

Title: Three of us - an royal threesome collection
Setting: COW-T
Rating: SAFE (mostly)
Wordcount: 100 x 5
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

“For being a vampire, you do love dawn,” Shannen says, walking out to join him on the bedroom's balcony.
“Half-vampire,” Langley corrects him as he never misses a chance to do that. “And yes, I do love dawn. It reminds me that no matter how dark it was yesterday, the sun will rise again today.”
“And it has been pretty dark for us lately, hasn't it?” Shannen says, surprisingly honest.
Langley smiles, the tip of his fangs just barely visible under the perfect line of his lips. “Lucky for us, we have our tiny blonde sun to shine upon us.”

“I don't know how you do that.”
“Do what, my sweet strawberry popsicle?” Langley says, raising his head from between Celes' legs.
“That!” Shannen points at the scene in front of his eyes. “Have sex, drink blood, and have more sex! Sometimes you even do both things together! Don't you ever think about something else?”
Shannen never speaks so much as when he scolds Langley. It's like he carefully doses his words during normal conversations to use more of them when it really counts.
“Of course I do! I think about you!”
Shannen growls in frustration, storming out the door.

When Celes tells his uncle, Lacros smiles in a very patronizing way.
“I understand your doubts,” he says, and Celes understands that he's not really listening to him. “But a seer can only marry a highblood or someone from Tanit. Your Shannen comes from a pure lineage and he's related to Lænton. Besides, he's a marvelous young man. He's not just a very good choice, he's the only one."
Shannen is all those things, but— “They are two.”
“To have endless worlds at your feet, you have to renounce something.”
But Langley is something Celes doesn't want to give up.

“I never said I was gonna do it,” Shannen protests.
“You never said it, but I read it in your eyes, my cranberry cupcake."
“You wouldn't read the words I DON'T WANT TO DO IT on a piece of paper, so I doubt you could read my face.”
“Now, now, I'm very sexy, but it doesn't mean I'm uneducated. Let's not perpetuate the stereotype, my dear.”
“What's going on here?” Celes asks puzzled, finding them both naked with a big golden bow on their heads.
“Happy Birthday, my sweet croissant!” Langley says, happily.
Shannen, of course, just wants to die.

Langley stares at him from the bed, not too close and yet not too far away either. The more the idiot tries to be inconspicuous the louder he is.
“What do you want?!” Shannen sighs, eventually.
Langley whimpers, crawling on the bed like a big, black worm. “It's been three weeks, my cold winter lily. Although I'm stronger now, I feel like I'm giving in to my worst half.”
“You're made of worst halves,” Shannen says, merciless. “Do you want blood?”
Langley's eyes are lucid. “Just a drop.”
It's never just a drop, but Shannen gives it to him anyway.
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