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[RACCOLTA] Polyamory economy

Title: Polyamory Economy - a Genderverse collection
Setting: Leoverse (Genderverse)
Rating: SAFE (mostly)
Wordcount: 100 x 10
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

“It was the best night of my life,” Cody says, before stuffing his face with a chocolate bar.
Meredith chuckles. “You said the same thing last month and two months before that.”
“But this time is true! It was the ultimate fuck.”
Blaine curses under his breath, walking in the kitchen. His bad timing is as always impeccable. “Please, I don't want to hear anything.”
“I thought you wanted me happy.”
“I do, but I don't need to know it's because of one of them.”
Cody chuckles. “Both, actually. They fit just fine.”
And here it goes Blaine's appetite, again.

“It's late,” Leo murmurs in Cody's ear. “Say goodbye.”
[23:41] Cody: Gotta go.
[23:42] Adam: He's calling you, isn't he?
Cody chuckles and types on his phone as Leo kisses him down his neck, one of his hands finding its way under his skirt.
[23:44] Cody: Nope, it's already here.
[23:45] Adam: Hands on you, I imagine.
[23:46] Cody: In my underpants.
Leo snorts and grabs his phone. “If you wanted to be part of this, you should have been here!” he aggressively records the message and throws the phone away.
With his audio permission, Adam knocks on the door.

Leo falls on Meredith's bed with a little “Huff!”
She's reading or studying – Leo doesn't know – her nice rounded face so pretty even behind her reading glasses. “What is my boy huffing about?” She asks, closing her book. She already knows, but he's funny to watch when he's so unnecessarily desperate.
“I've been abandoned,” Leo says.
“Adam took Cody out for dinner?” She dares with a little chuckle.
“I've been betrayed,” Leo goes on, even more dramatically.
Meredith speaks softly to his ear. “What if mommy has a present for you?”
If it has straps, Leo is in.

“You're back!” Leo jumps on Blaine the moment he puts the suitcase down.
“Apparently I am, since I don't see white beaches and coconut trees here." Blaine has been back to the family's madness for a second and he's missing the Caribbean already.
Leo kisses his face. “We need to have sex, like, right now.”
“You've a girlfriend, a boyfriend and a frenemy who kisses you stupid and you need me?”
Leo shrugs. “What's the point of polyamory if I don't mess around with all of you? I don't like wasting.”
He's unromantic, but he's right, no doubt about it.

“Anybody has seen the milk?” Blaine asks.
“Here,” Meredith passes him the bottle.
Adam sighs, reaching over Leo's head to grab the bread. “Can you, please, stop putting your tongue down Cody's throat for one minute?”
“Adam, I beg you!” Blaine cries in his morning coffee. “It's too early for that.”
“Sorry if I love him,” Leo mutters.
“Love him after breakfast!”
“None of you have read my security report, have you?” Casey complains.
“Enough! There are too many people. We need a bigger house!”
“Come live with me," Adam says.
The White House, that would be a nice change.
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