Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

[RACCOLTA] Mix and match

Title: Mix and match
Setting: Leoverse (random)
Rating: SAFE
Wordcount: 100 x 10
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

Blaine wakes up when Cody screams.
He thinks about another kidnapping attempt, but it's only Leo biting Cody hard on his shoulder, which leads to Cody kicking him in the nuts.
“What the fuck are you two doing?!” Blaine screams in utter shock.
“He's taking too much space!” Leo screams.
“This is my bed too!” Cody complains.
“Only because you couldn't keep your legs closed!” Leo replies. “Otherwise you'd still be at the village.”
“Oh, because you weren't on all fours last night, were you?”
“Blaine's my boyfriend!”
“He's mine too.”
Blaine takes flight with Eamon but they keep fighting.

I made this says the text over the photo of Leo holding their two-days-old twins.
“That's how you thought to announce the world we had two babies?” Blaine asks, perplexed.
Leo looks very proud of himself. “It's like the meme of the otter holding an otter pup in his hands."
“I don't have the vaguest idea of what you're talking about.”
“This one,” Leo quickly types on his phone and shows him the meme.
It's cute, but it still makes no sense to him.
He could say it's because Leo is weird, but it's probably the twenty years between them.
Tags: #9

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