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[RACCOLTA] Other worlds II

Prompt: Allegro Wine Bar
Title: Children conundrum
Wordcount: 200
Rating: SAFE

Sipping a glass of red on the terrace of the Capital in New York, Blaine watches a young woman struggling with three kids down the street. One of them is screaming his head off, the other is trying to escape from his pram and the third one threw himself on the ground three minutes ago and now he's stubbornly refusing to move. She looks one step away from a nervous breakdown.

“I really can't understand what pushes people to have one kid,” Blaine comments, the wine tasting even better from his privileged child-free position, “let alone three.”

Sam crosses her legs. She just came back from her birthday trip to Cuba with her new boy toy and she looks stunning. The sun, the rhum and having sex with a younger man really work wonders. “Never wanted a little version of you, Anderson?”

“No, I don't want someone else depending from me, the mere idea is appalling. The only person I'm interested in is myself.”

“So, you're saying it would never happen?”

“Never,” Blaine puts the glass down. “But I'm sure in another universe there's a version of me with three or four kids. And I pity him.”

They both laugh.

Prompt: Cioccolateria Dieta
Title: Bargaining Chip
Wordcount: 200
Rating: NSFW

Since Leo and Cody embraced the Total Power Exchange dynamic completely, chocolate became a bargaining chip.

According to the rules, Cody can never have it – he's obsessively addicted to it, it ruins his appetite, it gives him pimples and it makes him fat, all things Leo doesn't like – but his master uses it as a prize.

Cody gets a square of chocolate whenever he does something that pleases Leo: he eats all his veggies, he behaves really good or he doesn't flirt with people. Very good blowjobs get him his favorite chocolate bars too – that is why Cody is great at those.

Once a month, though, Leo gives him a free pass.

They go to a chocolate shop (the place of his dreams) and Cody can order anything he likes – not just one thing, but two or three if he wants – no questions asked, no good deed required as long as he can eat all he asked for.

"See something you like, Sweets?" Leo asks, pressing him against the pastry display counter.

He's hard and Cody smiles. "I think so."

It looks like sex will be Leo's prize for giving him chocolate, this time around.

Prompt: Cucina con Ale Ristorante
Title: Kitchen Battlefield
Wordcount: 200
Rating: SAFE

The kitchen counter looks like a battlefield.

There's flour scattered all over it like dirt and drops of chocolate like dark pools of dried blood. He fought with all he had and all he has to show for it are some nasty looking chocolate chip cookies and two children sad and disappointed.

“I'm sorry, pumpkins,” he says, defeated.

Logan looks up at him and hesitates for a moment. Blaine really hopes against all odds that he will hang to that hesitation and not speak those words. But Logan is five and he only wants to bring chocolate chip cookies to the school fair, like he's supposed to do. Like he did last year, when they weren't spending two weekends a month with Blaine, away from their only dad who can cook. “Dad knows how to make them,” he says in a whisper. “Can't you call him?”

"Daddy, please," Harper says.

As he wonders if he can call – if he should – his phone rings. "Do you need help with the cookies?" Leo's voice is thin and shaky, tired beyond expression, but there's a tiny resigned smile in it.

It's too soon to call it hope, but it's a step.

Prompt: Da Buddy Pasticceria
Title: Not just a pastry shop
Wordcount: 200
Rating: NSFW

By the storefront, this is clearly a pastry shop.

There are cakes inside the window, a pretty big counter with all the pastries you can imagine – that was kind of the key point of Blaine's project for this place – and five pretty waiters ready to serve you.

The mock menu is available on the wall with pastries' names and prices – they can sell real food if anyone comes here for that – but real clients have been sent another list of prices and names. This one in code.

Blaine gives back the man his credit card. "A blackberry pie with crème pâtissière," he announces to his boys, before smiling to the client in front of him. "Coming right up, sir. Please, have a seat in the internal lounge."

Leo rolls his eyes, Adam does the same. It's the third times today that people ask for them together. That is what happens when Blaine sends Cody to a businessmen party – that's cake for twelve, by the way – everyone else just picks them.

They work twice as much and get paid the same, Blaine will have to reconsider their pay.

For now, though, here they go again.

Prompt: Lo Zozzone Ristorante
Title: On the importance of purity
Wordcount: 200
Rating: NSFW

A seer should be pure.

This is the first thing they taught him when he came to live at the temple. It was more important than manners, more important than education or even how strong his power was. They didn't care how well he could describe his feverish premonitions to those people who paid for them. Above all things he had to be pure, only that really mattered.

Pure means without dirty thoughts or desires. It means untouched and unclaimed.

Cody was kissing Leo at fourteen.

It was forbidden – and it was really scary – but he liked it. He wanted it. He started waiting happily for Leo's awkward goodnight kisses, and then craving them when Leo grew up and they turned steamy hot.

Lips became tongues, kisses became touches.

Now Leo's hand between his legs is soothing. Cody is still scared of what will happen, but he feels elated too. He parts his legs – shame on him, he knows – making room for Leo's curious fingers. He screams a little when they touch his opening, he screams more when they probe it.

Cody is still a virgin but he hasn't been pure for a while, if ever.

Prompt: Bowling Il Birillo
Title: 3 : 2
Wordcount: 270
Rating: SAFE

“We can't divide into two teams,” Adam protests. The detail seems particularly annoying to him all of a sudden.

“Did you really just realize we are three?” Leo asks, genuinely confused, as he puts down their cokes on the little table. “I hate to break it to you but it's been just the three of us for a very long time.”

“I thought we were going to play together!”

“Against who? The bowling?” Leo shakes his head and grabs his bowling ball. It's black with pink and purple flames all over it. He chose it specifically because it was super tacky and he's very proud of it. “Come on! We're going to play against each other, so I can trash you.”

“Oh please, last time we were here you tragically lost against me,” Annie chuckles, before putting a handful of chips in her mouth.

“That was unfair! You were wearing that short dress, I got distracted,” Leo pouts. “But this time it's longer, so you are doomed, my friend."

He takes a few tiny steps towards the lane, one of his long legs bending behind the other as it's supposed to, then he throws the ball and he watches anxiously as it rolls seemingly towards the pins. But it doesn't happen, the ball changes course at the last second bringing only one pin with it. Leo turns around, making a face: "So close!" He says, showing the distance with his thumb and index finger.

"My turn," Annie stands up. "Watch how it's done."

As she gets to the lane, Adam is still mumbling that this is no way to play.

Prompt: Cinema Ficci
Title: Academy Awards (and surprises)
Wordcount: 200
Rating: SAFE

This is Blaine's third Oscar, she believes. Is she a bad girlfriend if she doesn't know how many Oscars has her man won? Probably.

It's the second or third time Lea's been invited to an award ceremony and it's the first one she decided to attend. She bought a dress – technically it was Blaine who bought it, but does it really matter since they're officially together, press conference and all? – they assigned her a nice seat in the audience and she's obviously out of place.

It's full of famous people she loves, in here. Her best achievement so far has been not screaming into Chace Blackwell's face that she loves him. She was good, she definitely deserves some kind of award too. That man is hot and he's been living in her wet dreams since she was fifteen. She wouldn't bet on her faithfulness to Blaine if she had the chance to cheat with Blackwell.

Lea's proud of Blaine for winning this Oscar, though. He so wasn't expecting it!

He gets emotional on the stage, he stammers – first time ever – and he almost cries.

Maybe it's not the right night to tell him she's pregnant, right?

Prompt: Stadio Olimpico “Tutti i Santi” Poncestruzzolo FC
Title: Win or Die
Wordcount: 200
Rating: SAFE

Leo can hear the roar of the crowd behind the closed door. The air is electric, you can taste the frenzy.

There are hundreds of people in the stadium who paid tons of money to see them play this awful game; thousand here and at home who paid even more to see some of them die.

“They want blood,” their keeper says, a nasty smile around that ever-present toothpick between his crooked teeth, “and you better give it to them.”

“I thought we were your investment,” Adam frowns. The refrain so far has been that they need to survive because he paid good money to the state prison to have them.

“You are if you give me a show,” the man confirms. “Don't you dare fighting like you did last time.”

They didn't kill anyone, they still won. They thought it was a good compromise, but evidently it's not.

“We don't want to kill those people,” Leo insists.

“Then die,” the man says, before leaving the room. “You're better use to me dying a gruesome death and make a spectacle out of it than being merciful.”

Either they win by killing or die, Leo's not sure which one is better.

Prompt: I Meloni di Nonna Giovanna Frutta e Verdura
Title: The Greatest Gift
Wordcount: 280
Rating: NSFW

Meredith is just passing by but she's wearing an old t-shirt that barely fits her anymore and she's got nothing underneath, so obviously Leo has to stop her. “Come here,” he says, adding a polite, “please.” Cody lets Leo boss him around whenever he wants, Meredith is the one doing the bossing with him.

“What's up?” She asks, balancing a basket of clean laundry under her arm. Even with her hair pinned up on top of her head with a pencil, she's still the most beautiful woman Leo has ever seen. He's got no words to describe how much he loves her. He just looks at her and his brain turns to goo.

“Can I see them?”

“Are you serious?” She chuckles. “You saw them last night and again this morning. They're always the same.”

“Please?” He says again.

She sighs and puts her basket down. “Fine,” she agrees, and then she flashes him. A few seconds are enough to enjoy the perfect roundness of her perfectly sized, perfectly shaped boobs. “Happy? Good. What's the sudden interest?"

"Is that jealousy? Because it sounds like it." He beams. "Are you jealous of me?"

"No," she chuckles. "But you're so into boys lately that I was wondering if you just, I don't know, maybe had lost interest in some body parts more than others."

He looks at her in utter shock. "Are you even serious right now? Boobs are boobs, they are the most precious gift God made to the world. Don't you joke about such things!" He exclaims, pulling her close. "Come over here, I'm going to touch your boobs until we're both bored of it."

"Forever, then?" She asks.


Prompt: Amici a Sei Zampe Negozio di animali
Title: Glorified poodles
Wordcount: 270
Rating: NSFW

Shapeshifters are animals.

This might seem like a simple notion. Leo can already imagine saying this to someone – he doesn't know exactly who, but it doesn't matter, this is all in his mind anyway – and them going d'ah as if this simple fact should be common knowledge.

But it's not.

People think that a shapeshifter is just a human being that turns into an animal but remains essentially a human being, which is wrong on so many levels that if he really could talk to someone and explain – but he can't because NO-BO-DY knows that they exist for real – he would start talking and never ever stop.

Hundreds of fanfictions teach you about knots, alphas and omegas, high-performing tongues and the whole smell-sex-on-you affair. It's all hot and sexy, good stuff to jerk off to, but they never tell you about the other stuff, which you learn only when you meet a real shapeshifter.

Fanfictions don't tell you that once they go wolves, they are wolves. Sure, they mantain some degree of human intelligence, but it's just a fraction, so that they understand you better than a real wolf would, but that's it. Everything else in them is animal: they pee in the corners, they bark at each other, they sniff each other's butts (and sometimes mount each other), they growl, they whimper and even the most alpha of them – which would be Blaine in his case – will bring the stick back to you if you throw it at him.

Glorified poodles, that's what they are.

It doesn't sound so hot anymore, does it?

Prompt: Brian e Matt Strumenti musicali
Title: Family strings
Wordcount: 200
Rating: SAFE

His father's old guitar is gathering dust in a corner of the living room.

It's one he doesn't play anymore – his father said that something is off with it but Leo doesn't really know what – so Leo tries to strum a few notes with it every now and then. He's fascinated by it, because he likes the sound it makes or maybe because it's his father's.

Every time his mother sees him with it, her mood suddenly changes.

She gets annoyed, Leo thinks, at the fact that he's interested in something his father does.

“What are you doing with that old thing?” She asks, moving aimlessly around the living room. She never really tidies up the place. The best she can do – in her best moments – is trying not to make it messier than it already is. The only times the house are really cleaned is when his grandma comes to visit.

“Nothing,” he shrugs. “I was just trying something.”

“You can't learn to play that thing by yourself,” she says, dismissively.

Right! Well, he wanted his father to teach him, but he's never home. So!

Angrily, he puts back the guitar and leaves the room.

Prompt: Enzo & Carla Boutique
Title: New Life, new clothes
Wordcount: 210
Rating: SAFE

It's one of those luxury boutiques, super high-end, where clerks get you champagne while you wait to see more outfits, more accessories, more anything you want.

It's not the first time any of them finds himself in a place like this – they were all high-priced escorts after all – but it's the first time they're not going to pay with their own money, which makes the whole experience a lot more exciting.

Blaine told them they can choose their clothes among those that will be presented to them. He gave the owner – who wanted to take care of them personally – some guidelines of how he wants each of them to be dressed.

Something casual chic for Adam – who looks offensively good in everything, but especially the combo jacket and jeans – something more sporty for Leo – who hates suits and gives his best when he's more comfy – and something, well, something both cute and slutty for Cody, of course. They won't leave the place without something that will make him look like a doll during the day and the main character of a Japanese porn at night.

That's why they're all seated drinking champagne, waiting for him to come out of the changing room.

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