Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

Slaves and winter

“And what did you do in winter?” Cody asks, resting his head on his chest. He's small and warm, and he still smells like vanilla despite the sex.
They have started this conversation more than half an hour ago, then they got caught into something – each other, mostly – started kissing, then touching, then everything else. But it doesn't matter, once his blood starts circulating back upwards, Leo has no problem resuming the topic again.
“Well, winter in the north is too cold to be traveling around, especially with a caravan, so we would move south at the end of September and stay there until March.”
“And what would you do there?” Cody ask again.
“Perform, it's not like we were on holiday,” Leo chuckled. He likes to talk like this, even if it's dangerous because being next to Cody always leads to other things. Even if said things have been done literally a moment earlier. Potentially, he could do this forever. Talking and fucking and then talking again.
“So you never spent a winter where there was snow,” Cody says.
“Actually, I did.”
Leo smiles, his hand already traveling south – in search of another kind of warm, perhaps – as he speaks, “This is a story for another time.”

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