Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

Bleo and Autumn

It was almost autumn when they broke up in Dublin. Better, it was the moment when summer is not over yet, but fall is coming in. Leo remembers that because at the airport, when he was about to go home, and he was crying so hard that he could barely breath, he noticed the rain for the first time in days and he thought distinctly that summer was coming to an end like the thing he cared for the most in his life.
And it's almost autumn again when Blaine slams the door on his face again. The theater is still packed with people moving slowly towards the exit after the show. Outside is pouring down so much that he can hear the sound from here. He's not crying this time, so the sky is crying for both of them. Everything about he and Blaine is curiously cyclical.
But maybe there's no surprise there.

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