Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

Storie COW-T #8, W8

Title: It hurts, but it's okay.
Setting: ATU!Verse
Rating: SAFE
Wordcount: 384
Prompt: Loneliness

Being a keeper is the best job in the world – if it makes any sense to even ascribe time-manipulation and parallel universes management to the same realm of normal jobs. You are born with a purpose that is bigger than yourself. A fragile but wonderful thing such a whole universe – easily the most precious thing that exists, almost a living and breathing thing – is bestowed upon you so that you can nurture it and make it grow. You have immense powers that help you literally shape thousands of lives. It is tiring and difficult, but it is undoubtedly rewarding. The universe entrusted to Pete is only forty years old or so – a baby compared to those of much older keepers – and it has already given him many satisfactions.

But a job like this is another thing. It's lonely.

Pete spends most of his time alone watching other people's lives unfold and putting his own on hold to help them untangle. Nothing forbids keepers to have a family or friends, but they usually don't. It's hard to be connected with another person when your priority is something else – in Pete's case, someone else, which would make everything harder. But he's okay with that, he doesn't complain. He knows very well that this is an honor and he wouldn't want to be anything but a keeper. Be so committed and do whatever he can, sometimes even things he's not proud of, to make sure that everything works as it should is a duty he takes seriously enough that he's willing to sacrifice a lot.

But he has followed Leo and Blaine – right, most of all Leo, he can't really lie to himself, can he? – for a very long time now and in every possible combination. And they are, however sad, the closest things to friends he has ever had. He made the old mistake of getting attached, even if he really doesn't know how he could avoid that when caring for them is basically in his job description, and some days he pays the consequences of that more than others.

Some days like today, when he avoids a disaster, and as they cuddle together on the couch, all he gets is to be proud and it's not enough.
Tags: !cow-t 2018, leoverse

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