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[RACCOLTA] Brother from another mother

Title: Brother from another mother - a LAdam collection
Setting: Leoverse (canon)
Rating: SAFE
Wordcount: 100 x 15
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

Adam has tended to Leo's scratched knees for half his life. When they were kids, no more than two days would pass without Leo hurting himself somehow. He wouldn't cry, but the wound had to be patched up quickly, because Kurt got overly dramatic in the presence of blood and they wanted to avoid that. Now they are all grown-up and it's nice, for a change, to have Leo put some ice on his good knee after a hard football match. "That's me paying you back," Leo smiles. All his scratched knees considered, he might be a century in debt.

Adam's mother is a nurse and she doesn't have money for a babysitter. Whenever she has to work at night, she sends Adam to the Karofksy-Hummel's. Adam has been sleeping at Leo's at least twice a week since he can remember and, despite that, he still gets annoyed when Leo steals the blanket, wrapping himself into it. Tired of this nocturnal abuse, Adam grabs pulls at the blanket with all his strength. The blanket burrito unravels, sending Leo flying down the bed. Luckily, he keeps snoring and Adam can go back to sleep with bed and blanket all for himself.

“What's that?” Leo points at the baby in Adam's arms.
“My neighbor's daughter. I've to babysit her.”
“This is not what I had been promised!” Leo screams, outraged. “I come here to escape the screeching sounds of my own baby sister and you decide to play nanny?”
“I'm sorry. Her mother asked and I couldn't refuse. Hold her a minute, I need to get her diapers.”
Once in Leo's arms, the baby pukes spectacularly on him.
Adam struggles not to laugh. "She doesn't like you.”
"The feeling is mutual."
For once, staying at home would have been a better idea.

“Can you stop moving for one second?” Adam is not patient behind the easel. “You've changed positions thrice. I can't work like that.”
Leo is happy to be his model but it's hard to stand on one foot with his arms wide open hours. “No human can assume this position forever! What the fuck are you even drawing? A human crane?!”
“Nothing if you keep moving!”
They hear a click, then Annie throws her phone at Adam. “Here, stop screaming at him and use a picture.”
It was that easy, really. Too bad she's the only one with a brain.

Siobhan was perfect: gorgeous, intelligent and had a firm hand on Leo, which was why Leo was crazy for her. But she was also independent. So she left the country and Leo started moping.
Adam bought him dinner to distract him. Now they're strolling along the river and Leo is suspiciously happy.
“Leo, you know this isn't a date, right?”
Leo hugs him dramatically like a cartoon octopus. “Can we pretend it is? I need love, Adam! I'm empty inside.”
Adam should throw him in the river but he's clearly too good a friend.
And so he hugs him tight.

Leo shows up at Adam's house and find him green in the face and puking.
“I was angry because you ignored my messages, but I see that's because you're dying.”
“It's just the 'flu.”
“Looks plague to me. What d'you want me to do?”
“I don't know. Disappear?”
Leo takes off his hoodie. “Meanie. Have you eaten?”
“Everything I put in my mouth comes right out.”
“Disgusting, but I appreciate the feedback. Wait here.”
Adam watches him go. “Yeah, leave me in my hour of need!”
But Leo returns with chicken soup.
And suddenly Adam finds out Leo can cook.

There's a gorgeous redhead who reads books on Renaissance painters. It seems like some mad scientist made her especially for Adam, and the idiot hasn't even said hi yet. So Leo goes sit on her table.
“Hi. My very blonde friend likes you but he doesn't want to disturb you. I'm usually a nuisance, instead. So, what if I give you his number and you decide what to do with it?"
“Is he the other waiter?”
“Yes, ma'am.”
She smirks.
Later, Leo gives Adam a napkin with her number on it.
“I should kill you,” Adam says. But he won't.

A huge St. Bernard has colonized their couch, forcing them to have dinner on the floor. “Whose dog is it?”
“My friend Agnes. She needed someone to look after him tonight. Apparently, he doesn't like to be alone.”
“What is it scared of? His reflection?”
The dog whines. “Hush, he understands.”
“Why did you agree to this?”
“She was desperate! That woman works triple shifts!
“Why everybody you know works more than one shift?”
“Because my ass is poor and I only know poor people. Now pass me those spring rolls."
"Too late," Leo sighs. The dog got there first.

It's finals week and they are all gathered in Leo's room, as per usual.
“Why if I type P in your browser, the first thing that comes up is porn?” Adam asks with Leo's expensive laptop on his legs. Of course, it's a present from Blaine.
“I'm a healthy young man?”
“No, you're obsessed.”
“What do you usually look at?” Annie asks.
“Uh, I have a fox-tailed boy you'll love!” Leo says, grabbing the laptop from Adam's hands.
And suddenly Adam is studying history with a background of lustful moans.
He whines, but they are not listening to him anymore.

“What happened?” Adam asks, entering the bar.
“A guy couldn't take no for an answer.”
“Where is he?”
“I told him to fuck off.” And he left him in the middle of nowhere between Lima and Wapakoneta.
It took a five seconds call and Adam was already on his way.
“How many times did I tell you to take your own car?”
“Sorry for bothering you."
Adam bumps him in his head. "Idiot! I just want you to be safe and have a way to leave whenever you want!"
Leo strokes his head, smiling. “Thanks, Adam, I love you too.”

Dave puts down the football and passes a bottle of water to Adam.
“Thank you, coach.” Adam is sweaty, tired and happy as he always is when he can throw a ball back and forth under the sun for hours. From his comfy place in the shadow, Leo doesn't understand how his best friend's brain works.
“You're gonna be a football star," Dave says, patting him fatherly on his back. "I've never been prouder.”
“Thank you, dad,” comes Leo's voice from his deckchair. "I'm right here, by the way."
“I'm proud of you too, Leonard.”
Yeah, that's surely sounds genuine.

Adam is blonde, handsome and the captain of the football team, so practically royalty.
Boys wants to be his friends and girls want him to be the cause of their teen pregnancy. It's nice to be his best friend and live in the sparkly wake of his popularity, unless he has to decide who to bring to the ball.
“Can't you choose one?” Leo needs to talk to him about Blaine and he can't with all the swooning girls surrounding them.
“I'm not going to the ball.”
Silence falls and a swarm of angry girls descend upon them, seeking vengeance.

Adam has never liked Blaine that much – in fact, he has never liked him at all.
Leo never cries unless he's truly sad and he's never truly sad unless Blaine makes him. It's always sunshine when Blaine come visit. It's always the darkest of nights when he leaves. They move in circles, those two, and it's a sick cycle. He comes and go, Leo smiles and cries, and round and round they go.
To Leo, the Sun raises and sets with Blaine, and Adam hates that. The man is no horizon, but just a common human being at best.

In a relationship.
“Please, tell me you found someone else in Europe,” Adam comments over the phone, after reading Leo's status change on Facebook. “You'll introduce them to me over a nice dinner and, bringing the cake you made, you'll tell me you're marrying them and I'll be happy because they are not Blaine.”
Leo chuckles. “Sorry, still with Blaine. But I'm probably marrying him in a few years.”
“He'll be dead in a few years,” Adam mutters.
“I don't think you have the vaguest idea of how old he is,” Leo pouts.
Always too much for you, Adam thinks.

“Did we sleep together?” Adam asks, waking up. Being him half-naked in bed with Leo, that's a legitimate question.
“If by sleep you mean sex, I don't know. Maybe.”
“What do you mean you don't know?”
Leo yawns. “I drank. You drank. Knowing me, there's a good chance we fucked.”
“What?!” Adam panics. “What if you didn't want to?!”
“I highly doubt it.”
“What if I didn't want to?”
Leo sighs and checks underneath the sheets. “There, no sex, I'm still wearing my underpants.”
“I'm always too lazy to wear them again, after.”
And with that, he's snoring again.
Tags: #9, drabble

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