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Title: Owned - a slaves collection
Setting: Leoverse (slaves!verse)
Rating: SAFE
Wordcount: 100 x 5
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

The desert has never been his favorite place. The heated days, the freezing nights, the sand all the time – there's nothing really appealing to him in an endless spread of scorching ground that changes its face with darkness to wake anew the morning after. He used to complain with his fathers when the caravan traveled south. Now, when he moves, the chain at his ankle rattles - the harshest sound to get used to, a twisted music accompanying his every move. Sitting at the bottom of a cart headed to the slave auction, even the desert seems a dream.

Concubines are a commodity socially accepted until you marry. Then you're supposed to either sell them or, if you feel generous, free them. Blaine can't do neither. Leo has been a wedding present – oh the irony! – so he can't keep him, but he can't sell him either, because he loves him. He could free him, but the kid doesn't want to live where he and Cody are not. So Leo stays, unchained, which makes things harder.
But when Blaine sees Leo and Cody together next to him, there's nothing society can say to make him change his mind.

“How much?” Leo asks before he can help it. He thought the little bracelet was perfect for Cody before remembering he can't buy anything. The whole market falls silent. It's incredible how the crowd didn't notice him until he spoke, like his voice sounded different because he wears chains.
“How dare you speak to me?” The merchant says. “Guards!”
“He's mine! I apologize, he's with me.” Cody makes a show of pulling at his chain. “He will be punished.”
But he will not be and they all know it, so they frown at Cody more than they frowned at him.

It's a warm day and Leo's making good use of the pool in his official owners/unofficial lovers' private garden. It's actually a pond, yet the water is clean, so Leo decided it was wasted as a decorative puddle, undressed and jumped in.
“Come on, join me,” he tells Cody.
“I don't know, this isn't a pool.”
“Everything is a pool if you're brave enough,” Leo smirks. Unlike Cody, who's been raised in cotton wool, he's used to bathe wherever. “Besides, I wanna see you wet. I mean, more than yesterday.”
“Leo!” Blaine screams in outrage, but Cody is already undressing.

They find the lamp at the bottom of a chest in the attic Leo didn't even know was there. It's a little golden thing, slightly roughed up by time, but still beautiful. “Do you know the story of the boy and the genie?” Cody asks.
“He finds a lamp, rubs it and out comes a genie who grants him three wishes,” Leo says. “What would you wish for?”
Cody blushes. “For you to be happy in this house, even with your chains. And you?”
It's hopeless, and he knows. “To be free of these chains and not having to leave.”
Tags: #9, drabble

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