Tabata (melting_lullaby) wrote,

[RACCOLTA] This is the world that started it all

Title: This is the world that started it all
Setting: Leoverse (canon)
Rating: SAFE
Wordcount: 100 x 5
Written for: COW-T #9, M3 (prompt: libero)

“It's gonna be late,” Leo says. They are in bed with their laptops, like the perfect elderly couple they absolutely are not.
“What, dear?”
“The Fleshrender.”
“The what now?”
“An action figure. A giant robot with a massive sword. Part metal, completely articulate. A masterpiece. It's Matt's birthday present but it's taking forever to arrive.”
“So what are those?”
The pile of unopened boxes in their room is now reaching the ceiling.
“Back-up gifts in case this doesn't arrive.”
“All of them instead of that one?”
“It costs a lot.”
Caring about his marriage, Blaine wisely doesn't ask how much.

If Leo should list three reasons he loves Rome, they would all be pasta carbonara.
His love affair with it started on Monday, when they landed in Fiumicino and, Leo is sure, it's never gonna end. He will marry this pasta and live happily ever after, accepting high cholesterol as the right price to pay to be so blissfully happy.
“Are you sure you don't want something else?” Blaine asks him on Friday. “You've been eating carbonara every day.”
“Is there some other food to eat?”
A whole menu of it, actually, but Blaine stopped fighting Leo's madness years ago.

Leo usually doesn't need bodyguards. He's not an actor and, despite his enthusiastic use of social media, he's no internet personality either. But today he might need some help.
“What's this?” He asks, looking at the two blocks long queue starting from the bookshop.
“They've been in line since early morning,” Mark, his book agent, says. “We weren't expecting this turnout.”
“I don't think they're dangerous."
“Young people and book signing are a crazy combination. Your fellow author, Christian Garrison, ended up in the hospital last week. It was a bloodbath."
Leo swallows and suddenly rethinks all his life choices.

Timmy never signed up for babysitting his siblings. But he does things because they have to be done, especially when his crazy father is involved. Leo needed to be alone with his husband, so Blaine took him to the Hamptons, leaving the children with him. Timmy had no choice.
[14:23, 23/3/2051] Daddy: We will be there tonight. Is everything okay?.
Timmy looks at Logan's drawings on the walls, Harper's dolls scattered around the house, the stains of chocolate on the couch, and writes: “Not worse than if daddy had stayed here.” Then his father will know exactly what to expect.

“Please, stop looking at the clock!” Timmy cries out, rolling his eyes at his dad, sitting on the couch.
His father – the other one – has only been away twelve hours and it's already heartache and crazy waiting in here.
“I was not looking at the clock,” Leo pouts, putting down his phone, on which he was definitely looking at the clock.
“It's just a weekend,” Timmy points out. “And he's working.”
“I know. I was not looking at the clock,” Leo insists.
“What time is it?”
“Half past ten,” Leo says right away.
“Gotcha!” Timmy smirks. Leo grumbles.
Tags: #9, drabble

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